Friday, May 9, 2008


What do you think when you look at this image?

Bu görüntüyü görünce neyi düşünüyorsun?

Kогда ты видешь эту картину что думаешь?

عندما ترأى هذه الصورة عنما تفكر؟

Language Corrections

Posts in any of the below mentioned languages are highly sought after and highly encouraged. I will make great effort in communicating with you in English, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Azeri, and Turkmen as these are the languages in which I am somewhat able to converse. As for the others, hopefully those skills will be developed with time. Please provide correction to any linguistic errors in my speech.


The purpose of the Magpie Springs Blog is to bring people from all parts of the world into dialog. A magpie is a bird that enjoys conversation. A spring is a source of life-giving water. The intent of this blog is to bring conversationalists to a source of life-giving reciprocal understanding. The topics can be anything, but are primarily to be centered around history, culture, government, politics, international relations, human relations, personal beliefs, travel, and languages such as English, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Azeri, Georgian, Turkmen, Chinese, and Spanish. Expressed critical thought and inquiry into one's self and others is what we will practice and develop. In addition we will develop linguistic skills to enhance our understanding of one another.

Thank you for visiting this place. Please tell us what you think.